Marin Retreat Vacation Home Rental Policy information:

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Marin Vacation Home Rental Policy Info:

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  Payment Info    Arrival/Departure Times    Security Deposit    Cancellations    

Parties / Catering / Professional hired Personel   Pet(s) @ home    Additional Costs

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 Payment Info:

•  Rent Deposit shall be paid with the submission of signed rental agreement.

•  Security Deposit and Rent Balance are due Ninety (90) days in advance of stay.

•  Acceptable forms of payment are personal checks, cashier’s check, money order, cash, or credit cards (via PayPal)**.

•  Credit cards via PayPal are accepted- handling fee applies.

Deposit and Cleaning fee:

--$800 Refundable Security Deposit + $375 cleaning fee (one time).

•  Holding deposit for Reservation during Peak & Holiday bookings is 1/2 of the total rental nights reserved--

•   Additional visits (after booking) to the home for extra viewing can be arranged with an additional $50 fee, per hour visit. Early drop off of goods is not available due to liability.

•  Early/Late Check-out: can be arranged with an additional $50 fee, but cannot be quaranteed until one week prior to check-in due to possible other booking on same day.

•  No Taxes  :)

Security Deposit:

•  The Security Deposit is provided as security against damage to the house or property, theft, long distance phone charges, late check out, and violation of any of the renters’ agreements contained in the rental agreement.

Cancellations :

•  Either party may cancel the reservation in writing up to 90 days prior to the arrival date .

•  There is a $500 administrative fee if you cancel your reservation in whole or part.


Arrival/Departure Times:

•  Check-in starts at 3 pm on the arrival date and Check-out must occur by 11 am on the departure date.

•  Early check-in and late check-out times may be possible by prior written arrangement, but can only be confirmed several days before the arrival date, since they are dependent on the schedules of others.

  • An additional fee of $50 apply, per hr.

 Pets:   (Important)

•  Service Dogs permitted with special permission only.

•  Additional $200 deposit necessary - fully refundable

•  Additional, one time $80 cleaning fee due to allergies of guests to come.

Parties & Catering(Important - only by special permission!)

  • Small daytime parties (baby showers, weddings, ceremonies, etc...) of 25 persons or less are allowed with permission.
  • After sunset, only small parties are permitted, with permission only.
  • Professional hires / Caterers/ Professional events must be pre-approved  before entering home due to Insurance & liability reasons.
    • $50 fee applies for pre-approval /Professionals / Caterers used outside the pre-approved list.   
  • Pre-Approved Personal Chef / Catering Packages for guests -Special rates!

    Menu’s designed specifically for Marin Retreat Guests of up to 20; varied price ranges & service choices at best, discounted rates- just for home! **Meal Options:  drop-off, 3, 5, & 7 day/night packages & even picnics can be arranged!

  • Approved Caterer's / Chef's for the Marin Vacation Retreat Home: 

  When you stay at the Marin Vacation Home Retreat your supporting Wildlife!

How Marin Vacation Donates / Cares:

Marin Vacation Home Retreat is an Active Member of both organizations, Wildcare and Marine Mammal Centerboth organizations working hard to educate and help wildlife species get healthy and back to the where they belong, the wild.

1. Marin Retreat Vacation Home is a proud member & supporter of:
  • Wildcare: 
    • Yearly Active Member - since 2006!  Active for 2014. :)
    • Bi-annually: all sheets and towels donated for hospital/animal care.   
    • Wildcare Owl Box on Marin Vacation Home property to support local Owl populations.  Owls are also a great way to naturally advocate pest control without pesticides- and Marin Vacation is an environmental advocate. :)
2. Also proud member & supporter of:
    • Active Member  - now 2014!
    • Adopted Two (2) Seals for 2014: "Blond Bomber" & "LilaRach"
      "Blond Bomber" "LilaRach"

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