Marin Vacation Scenery and Views

Marin County, California - Scenery pics.

Between San Francisco, West Marin, and the famous Napa Valley Wine Country.

Unknowingly, thousands of tourist head to Marin County to see the many beautiful sights offered here that is unlike any other in the world.  Marin is home to the Golden Gate National Park, and features Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco as its backdrop; this is one of the most photographed places in the world.

Golden Gate from Marin Headlands at Sunrise.  Here, the fog sits on San Francisco.

(The Marin Vacation Retreat Home is just 15 minutes from this great Landmark. Just 20 minutes to downtown SF, and only 25 to Napa Valley Wine Country!  See "Location" link or click "Here")

Home to unbelievable beauty of tidal cliffs, land, and ocean

The Marin Headlands borders the rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean and mouth of the San Francisco Bay and  Golden Gate Bridge.

Marin County is a natural paradise of small towns, fresh air, varied terrain and surreal scenery.

Be in a country setting, visit unique towns, yet be minutes to metropolitain San Francisco.

From Marin County enjoy awesome San Francisco and Bay Area Views along with great access to numerous parks that are world renowned for their natural beauty.

This region is known as the start of the "Redwood Empire", referring to Northern California's unique Redwood Trees.  Millions come to Marin unwittingly thinking it is part of San Francisco.  Why do they come?  To visit the famous Muir Woods National Monument along Marin's coastline.  Home to some of the last magestic beautys of the worlds largest and oldest trees, the california Sequoia Redwood.  A native of northern california coastline, getting 70% of their water from the fog.

Redwood Fairy Ring, looking up from the middle.

Mt Tamalpais, Marin's backdrop mountain, beckons from almost every Marin town, inviting it's residents to explore and preserve what is so special here  Ride, drive, hike, or glide to the top of Mt Tamalpais to enjoy it's many special sceneries that rivel the best in the world.

Bolinas Ridge (or East Peak) is undeniably one of the most inspirational views one can encounter in Marin, on the top of Mt Tam. Beautiful rolling fog, usually below the hill your on, sweeps like ocean water over the landscape.

All over marin, explore and enjoy the beauty.

China Camp state park, located just 4 minutes from the Marin Vacation Home, is home to many species in Marin and offers great hiking and biking, as well as forested and bay scenery.

Stinson Beach (above) is always a fine destination.  Situated over Marin's Mt. Tam, it has a cute little surf town.

Enjoy beautiful West Marin coastline...

.. Come to Marin, be in nature,

Do some paddle surfing on the Bay !

Hike beautiful tidal marshes.  Enjoy an Oak landscape of gentle hills that surround the nature filled San Francisco bay. 

In Marin, your only minutes away from metro San Francisco; you can even go by ferry!

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